Food & Beverages

The Restaurant

Right next to Castello di Vaglio Serra you find the excellent restaurant Piazza Crova 3, where they offer both breakfast, lunch and dinner for the guests of the castellum. Proud restaurateurs since 2008 are the members of the Verri family: father Romeo Verri (who is responsible for the service at Castello di Vaglia Serra), Sabrina Ratti, Fabrizio Verri, Manuela Gallione, Lucia Ratti, and Alessandro Verri. The food can be served either in the restaurant or in the castellum.

Buy food

Food can be bought either in the small ”alimentari” around the corner (limited supply) or in the supermarke “Il Gigante” in the neighboring city, the province capital Nizza Monferrato.


Our wine cellar contains a selection of excellent wines, first and foremost from Asti and nearby wine districts.

The district of Asti is famous for its high-quality wine production, with top names such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera d’Asti and the sparkling Asti Spumante. The city of Asti is well worth a visit, with its roman ruins and grand medieval palaces and churches. The 2000-year-old neighboring city Alba, famous for its unique white truffles, is also worth a visit.